This right here is my debut mixtape (Welcome To The Game) , For this mix tape I'm  basically showing the world of what kind of music im capable of producing & my fresh new swag that I'm bringing to this rap game. I put a lot of time and effort in this mixtape as far as writing all my music, and finding a different style for each song i did. 
Every song i made on this mixtape has a different Fill/Swag to it, this whole tape contains so much versatility and so much heart. This just isn't another mixtape made by some talent less teenager trying to rap, this is a mixtape filled with so many hits and made by a very dedicated very expressive & a very talented young adult. Every song you hear on this particular mixtape makes you wanna "Nod Ya Head" as i would say. So Far im going through every single genre of music i can possibly push my limits to, but as of right now i feel as though i have no limits to doing something i love. 
The real reason why im able to think of a song or songs so quickly  is probably because i have fun with what im doing. To me It seems as though no one in this industry has fun with the music there making, maybe its all for the money, the cars, and the jewelery, But what im gonna bring back is the fun and the love for this Hip-Hop  game. I make songs that i no people would listen & pay attention to. I grew up in the hood were the only thing that was talked about was guns drugs and money. Im showing all my fans and the whole world that you can be from the hood and still do something positive and big with your life if you really want it. I guess thats the reason why so many people respects what im doing and the music that im making. i heard a 36yr old man say 
"All i listen to is gospel music, But i the music you make is DIFFERENT i love listening to your music and i love what you do keep going keep moving"
those words there opened my eyes and made me see that its not just the young generation thats really listening and paying attention to me its the older generation to.
All im saying is when you think someones not looking at you the whole world is watching you.
I want everybody to go grab my mixtape and see for yourself if you like it, im telling you its gone be something you wanna hear.
for all of you who like them club bangers, that real sh*t, them songs that bang in ya trunk, & a whole lot more. then you definitely wanna go cop this mixtape
This mixtape contains, Strait Hits !!! 
I promise you wont change the song like you do when your looking for the hardest song on a album MY WHOLE MIXTAPE BANGS, 
So Go Grab That !!
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