- Introducing ( Yung City "The Yungin" )

Yung City's Artist Bio

Something BIG is about to happen and he’s coming with a BANG!!

 An artist with Undeniable Potential is rising as a career threat to any MC/Artist who dares to come test him. Maybe it's his flow that they fear, or his unique style that he’s bringing to the Hip-Hop world, or just maybe it could be how he's climbing from underground to mainstream really quickly, but pretty soon you will be seeing this young talented artist from billboards to Television appearances and of course the stage !!!

“They All Askin’ Why Young Boys Is Shook Up From Me, They See My Size Now Grown Folks Is Lookin' Up To Me”

(Kendarius Durant) also known as (Yung City “The Yungin”) currently 15, a versatile young artist who always brings the best energy to local clubs, house parties, school dances, and while he is in school. He was Joined with an Southern Record Label called (Young&Fresh Records) when he was only 14. His debut Mix Tape titled “Welcome 2 The Game” has been released this year. This Mix Tape is filled with with incredible tracks which have made this an underground and a mainstream classic.

Yungin was born in Atlanta Georgia & raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by his mother who is a single parent. He was first impressed with music at an very early age he was encouraged by his family to pursue his dreams. He started rapping at the ages of 10-11 under the influences of his big brother and very close friends that used to stop past his house. “They use to turn on a beat and start to Freestyle” next thing you knew Yung City “The Yungin” Took off on His Journey on Being the Next Young Superstar. Other than his few performances at local places in Pittsburgh his name has came up in a few of Pittsburgh’s Newest Young Rappers Chart.  Yungin feels that his commitment and dedication and with the strength of an aggressive label has definitely put the reality of a “Young & Fresh” Life style within his reach. So look out for this future superstar in a city near you !!